Mood Bears Large Silly Bear 30cm Plush

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Introducing the Mood Bears Large Silly Bear Plush, a whimsical companion dedicated to bringing laughter and joy into your life. With its playful personality and endless sense of humor, Silly Bear is here to brighten your day and lighten your mood whenever you need a good giggle.

Key Features:

  • Contagious Giggle: Silly Bear's contagious giggle is sure to spread joy wherever it goes. Whether you're feeling down or just in need of a laugh, Silly Bear's infectious laughter will lift your spirits and leave you smiling from ear to ear.

  • Master of Comedy: With a repertoire of the funniest jokes and the silliest faces, Silly Bear is a true master of comedy. Its playful antics and lighthearted humor never fail to bring laughter and amusement to those around it.

  • Never Serious: Silly Bear thrives on silliness and rarely takes anything too seriously. Even in the most important or solemn situations, Silly Bear finds a way to inject levity and laughter, reminding us all to embrace the lighter side of life.

  • Fun-Loving Spirit: Forever seeking out fun and adventure, Silly Bear's playful spirit knows no bounds. Whether it's pulling pranks, telling jokes, or simply goofing around, Silly Bear is always up for a good time and encourages others to join in the fun.

  • Irrepressible Joy: Silly Bear's face is rarely straight, reflecting its irrepressible joy and zest for life. Its constant smile and twinkling eyes radiate positivity and happiness, making it impossible not to feel uplifted in its presence.

  • Embrace Your Silly Side: With Silly Bear by your side, there's no need to suppress your silly side. Embrace your inner goofball and let loose with your new best mate, sharing laughs and creating cherished memories together.

  • Ideal for Playtime: Silly Bear's playful nature makes it the perfect companion for hours of imaginative play and laughter-filled adventures. Whether engaging in silly games or simply enjoying each other's company, Silly Bear promises endless entertainment and laughter.

  • Wholesome Entertainment: In a world that can sometimes feel too serious, Silly Bear provides a welcome dose of wholesome entertainment and lighthearted fun. Its presence serves as a reminder to find joy in the simple pleasures of life and to never take ourselves too seriously.

  • Thoughtful Gift: Whether for yourself or a loved one, the Mood Bears Large Silly Bear Plush makes a thoughtful and uplifting gift. Its cheerful demeanor and infectious laughter are sure to bring smiles and laughter to anyone in need of a little silliness.

Embrace the joy of silliness and laughter with the Mood Bears Large Silly Bear Plush. With its playful spirit and endless sense of humor, Silly Bear is ready to spread smiles and giggles wherever it goes.

Silly Bear Poem:

When the world gets far too serious, and you’re in need of a giggle,

Silly Bear will be there with the most contagious wiggle.

Telling the funniest jokes, pulling the funniest faces.

Silly is rarely serious, even in the most important places.

Forever having lots of fun, Silly Bear’s face is rarely straight.

So embrace your own silly side, and be silly with your new best mate!

Keywords: Mood Bears, Large Silly Bear, plush toy, laughter, joy, humor, fun-loving, playful, contagious, entertainment, whimsical, companion, gift, positivity, lightheartedness.


  • Brand: Mood Bears, Tomy
  • Height (Sitting): 30cm
  • Age: Safety tested from birth however recommended for 3+

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