Dear Valued Customers of Lennies Toys,

In these challenging times, we extend our warmest wishes for your well-being. At Lennies Toys, one of our core beliefs is to maintain transparency and keep you updated on our endeavours. We find ourselves confronted with a growing challenge that warrants our attention, and we wish to address it openly.

It is with regret that we must inform you of a concerning trend we have been facing – an increase in theft and fraudulent incidents. These incidents take various forms, but a recurring scenario involves recipients claiming that their packages arrived empty or that certain items were missing from their orders. This poses a significant obstacle as we strive to identify where these thefts are occurring. The majority of our orders are meticulously prepared by me, occasionally assisted by Adelle and my Mum. Our steps are well-traced, thanks to CCTV footage, allowing us to correlate package weights and box sizes to the items packed. Discovering that theft has transpired after the order leaves our hands is disheartening. At times, theft might also take place within the courier network. What's even more disheartening is when we uncover that the theft involves the very customers whom we are dedicated to serving.

We treat each case of theft with utmost seriousness. Upon any reported missing items, I personally review tracking photos to assess if there are signs of tampering with the package. In such situations, we promptly arrange replacements for our valued customers.

Once we are completely certain that we have dispatched an item, our typical course of action is to notify the courier service, most commonly the Royal Mail. It's important to emphasize that when we make such a report to the Royal Mail, it is not intended as an accusation. Instead, it serves as an effort to recover our losses.

We take the initiative to report the loss of items regardless of their value, whether it's a modest £2 toy or a more valuable toy exceeding £100. It's worth noting that we understand that unforeseen incidents can occur during the transportation process. In some cases, toys, as described by us, have been known to accidentally dislodge from their packaging and were subsequently returned by the Royal Mail.

Nonetheless, it's important to highlight that local depots within the Royal Mail system maintain a record of missing items and instances of theft. When a discernible pattern emerges from these records, appropriate actions can be taken to address the situation and ensure justice is upheld.

We emphasise that our reporting process adheres to established protocols and is aimed at combating theft. We harbor no judgment toward those possibly involved in such activities, recognising the myriad challenges our society faces today. Nevertheless, dealing with theft within our business is something we strongly dislike. The toy industry operates on slender profit margins, and any uptick in theft could detrimentally affect our livelihood. This, in turn, could impact the well-being of my family, a situation we strive to avoid, especially considering the example we wish to set for our son. For us, stealing is not an option, and stealing toys meant for children is particularly disheartening. Many children might not even be aware that the toys they cherish were obtained through theft.

Our stance against theft is unwavering, as we firmly believe that it not only harms our business but also undermines the cherished values we hold dear. While we comprehend the difficulties faced by many, we choose to lead by example and uphold the trust and integrity you, our customers, place in us.

We apologize for the length of this message, but these sentiments are deeply ingrained in our hearts. Your steadfast support is greatly appreciated, and we are truly grateful for your inclusion in our extended Lennies Toys family.

With warm regards,

Callum and the Lennies Toys Team


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