Dear Valued Customers,

We are delighted to be back from our family holiday in Mexico and to have the opportunity to reconnect with all of you. Our time away was truly amazing, filled with beautiful memories and even a special occasion to celebrate. We are thrilled to share that Callum and Adelle tied the knot and got married while we were enjoying our time together. It was a joyous and unforgettable moment for our family!

During our break, we had a chance to reflect on the importance of balancing work and family life. We realised that as a family, we need to prioritise our time together outside of Lennie's Toys. Striking a healthy separation between work and family can be challenging, especially when your family members are your coworkers. However, we firmly believe that nurturing our relationships outside of work is crucial for our well-being and happiness.

On that note, we have decided to make a few changes to our operating hours to ensure we have quality family time. Starting immediately, after 5 pm on Fridays, we will not be able to respond to queries until the following Monday. We kindly request your understanding and support as we take this step to prioritize our family bonds. Rest assured, we will be back on Monday, refreshed and eager to assist you.

We are genuinely excited to serve you once more and provide the exceptional service you have come to expect from Lennie's Toys. However, we do anticipate some minor hiccups this week as we readjust to our routine and recover from our jet lag. Additionally, please bear in mind that we will be conducting a stock take later in the week, so the accuracy of our inventory may be temporarily affected. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time.

In other news, we have a bittersweet announcement to make. Callum's sister Laura, who has been an integral part of our team and has diligently packaged the majority of orders this year, has decided to embark on an exciting adventure. She and her partner Lachlan have chosen to go backpacking, and while we will miss her dearly, we wholeheartedly support their decision. We wish Laura all the best on her journey and hope that she will return to Lennie's Toys when the time is right.

My 6-year-old nephew, full of enthusiasm, offered to take on Laura's job in packaging orders. Of course, we explained to him that Lennie's Toys does not support child labor. He humorously suggested that we pay him in Pokémon cards instead. We assured him that when he turns 16, he'll have the opportunity to work.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and understanding during these changes. Our commitment to providing you with the best toys and customer service remains unwavering. Please feel free to reach out to us during our revised operating hours, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you for being a part of the Lennie's Toys family. We look forward to serving you with enthusiasm and joy once again!

Warm regards,

Lennies Toys Team


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