Thank you for your recent order at Lennies. This is just a quick update for everyone who is waiting for their parcel from us. If you have received your recent order that is great, thank you for your order and I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas.

 If you are still waiting on your order please be assured that every order we receive leaves us the same day if placed before 1pm (Monday to Friday). We have had many customers emailing us to ask why we have not dispatched their order. The tracking says the sender is still dispatching the order. This is incredibly frustrating for you but also really upsetting for us. We have been working our socks off to ensure parcels leave us on time. The Royal Mail tracking makes us look incompetent at our jobs, however I know for certain that we are not missing order deadlines. 

I remember as a child, my sister asked for a model make-up dolls head. This was all she had asked for. My mum ordered this from a large retailer and it didn't show up. My mum was on the phone to them everyday- yet they lied to her on every call. Come Christmas eve it still had not arrived and the company eventually admitted that it has not even left their depot. My mum had managed to get myself and my brother the toys we wanted. However my sister was not going to get her dolls head. I remember how upsetting this was for both my Mum and Dad. At Lennies Toys I have that story stuck in my head every Christmas. I will do everything I can to ensure we get the toys to you on time. Understandably we will not always get everything right but I would not lie to a customer. Please be assured that if the tracking says Sender dispatching item, it is with the Royal Mail and held up in their strikes.

All delivery estimates are not guaranteed. All the orders are dispatched with the same care and priority from our hub. However to ensure priority with Royal Mail please select LENNIES TRACKED PRIORITY.

We are a family run toy shop. Christmas is our busiest time of the year and all that we want is to ensure everyone gets their toys in time for Christmas. 

Thank you for everyone's patience. I would also like to thank everyone for their Support. Adelle and I welcomed our baby boy Charlie on 28th November. Both Adelle and Charlie are doing great. These Royal Mail Strikes have been a real nuisance for us but we are still working and happy to help with your queries.

Best wishes,

Callum, Adelle and Charlie